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Features.js: poor man’s Gatekeeper

We want to release our UI code frequently, but we also want to be able to check in code for features that are not ready for release.  Facebook has Gatekeeper, a sophisticated piece of infrastructure that allows them to enable

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Abstraction and Performance with Graph

This post is by Leon Barrett, who has been collaborating with our fellow Clojure users at Prismatic. The Climate Corporation has “sprintbaticals,” two-week sabbaticals to work on something a little different, and Leon decided to contribute to Prismatic’s open-source Graph

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Spark: A First Look

This post is by Marc Limotte, on work done during his ‘Sprintbatical’.  The Climate Corporation has “sprintbaticals,” two-week breaks to work on something a little different…. After a week of investigating Spark, I wanted to share my initial thoughts.  As

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