Rake tasks from a Rubygem

While recently working on IronHide, specifically the CouchDB Adapter, I needed a way to have the gem expose custom Rake tasks to an end user’s application.

For example, to make working with the IronHide CouchDB Adapter easier, I wanted to allow users to upload existing rules from disk to a remote CouchDB database.

The task could be something as simple as:

$ bundle exec rake iron_hide:load_rules\['/absolute/path/file.json',''\]

where the two arguments are the path to the JSON file and the remote CouchDB database.


After thinking for a moment, I knew that I’ve come across at least one gem that when included, exposes Rake tasks that I can use in my project, Bundler. So, I started looking through the source and found this:https://github.com/bundler/bundler/blob/master/lib/bundler/gem_helper.rb

Essentially, you’d like an application owner to be able to “install” a few Rake tasks at their convenience. Borrowing from the Bundler project:

# iron_hide/couchdb_tasks.rb
module IronHide
  class CouchDbTasks
    include Rake::DSL if defined? Rake::DSL

    def install_tasks
      namespace:iron_hide do
        desc 'Load rules from local JSON file to remote CouchDB server'
        task :load_rules, :file, :db_server do |t, args|


Now, in my application’s Rakefile I just need to add this line:

# Rakefile

Et voila!

$ bundle exec rake -T
#=> rake iron_hide:load_rules[file,db_server]  # Load rules from local JSON

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One comment on “Rake tasks from a Rubygem
  1. ktaragorn says:

    Thanks a lot.. a lot of searching for a non rails solution finally led me here.. I am surprised this isn’t more well known.

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