Big Data, Cloud and NOAA CRADA’s with AWS

Hi, I’m Lak and I lead the Meteorology team at TCC.  I’ll be on a panel at the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting next week talking about the NOAA Big Data cooperative research and development agreement with Amazon Web Services (we wrote a blog post about this CRADA in October).

To start off, the panelists make some opening remarks using a few slides. These are mine:

Big Data, Cloud and NOAA CRADA at the Climate Corporation [PDF]

I will use my opening remarks to introduce the concepts of Big Data and the Cloud and will then talk about how having NEXRAD data on AWS enables faster and better science at TCC.

This was the old way to carry out radar research at TCC — notice how much preparation we had to do just to get the data to work with:

Old WayHaving the NEXRAD data readily available on S3 makes the research process much shorter:

New Way

As as result, science at TCC is faster and because we can do the science faster, we carry out research studies on larger, more representative datasets. Using more representative data makes our science better.

Just as it has helped us, the NOAA CRADA opens up many opportunities for national labs, private companies and universities to create Big Data tools and services.  I’m looking forward to the panel discussion!


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