TCC Field Experiments on Sub-Field Variability of Weather

Hi, I’m Adam Pasch, Weather Data Manager and a member of the Meteorology team at TCC.  I’ll be presenting a poster at American Meteorological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting next week talking about some initial analyses of data from TCC field experiments on Climate Research Farms completed in 2015.

TCC Field Experiments of Sub-Field Variability of Precipitation and Wind [PDF]Academic - Science behind Nitrogen Advisor

We test our advice on real farms and provide agronomically-relevant, field-specific weather information to growers (over 75 million acres in 2015).  We conducted three field experiments during 2015: Sub-Field Variability, Interstation Comparison, and Remotely-Sensed Precipitation at four research locations throughout the Midwest.

We found that within a 140-acre field, rainfall can vary by 65% of the intensity. In other words, if the true rainfall is 1″, a gauge on the field might report anywhere from 0.7″ to 1.3″ simply because of where in the field that gauge is.








Another advantage of deploying our own gauges was that it allowed us to evaluate our rainfall algorithms. We found that TCC QPE was more accurate than other commercial options.





We also found dramatic variation of wind across a farmer’s field. Here’s an example of a field in Iowa and you can see that average wind speeds vary from 0.8 to 1.5 (m/s).


I’m looking forward to AMS. Please reach out with questions:

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