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S3 Distributed Version Restore

At The Climate Corporation, we work with Amazon Web Services a lot. As you can imagine, weather data is very plentiful. We keep lots of data in Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), which is basically a great big filesystem in

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Claypoole: Threadpool tools for Clojure

At The Climate Corporation, we have “sprintbaticals”, two-week projects where we can work on something a bit different. This post is about work done by Leon Barrett during his recent sprintbatical. At the Climate Corporation, we do a lot of

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Introducing HipHip (Array): Fast and flexible numerical computation in Clojure

This post and work on HipHip are done in part by Leon Barrett, who spent a ‘sprintbatical’ visiting fellow Clojure shop Prismatic, and Emil Flakk. This post is cross-posted to Prismatic’s blog. The Climate Corporation and Prismatic share the unique

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Abstraction and Performance with Graph

This post is by Leon Barrett, who has been collaborating with our fellow Clojure users at Prismatic. The Climate Corporation has “sprintbaticals,” two-week sabbaticals to work on something a little different, and Leon decided to contribute to Prismatic’s open-source Graph

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